The Cousteau Reserve is a commercial and marketing term used for a long time in the 90s. It was created to bring as many people as possible. Whether scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking or glass-bottom boats, there's something for everyone. At the outset, the Cousteau Reserve was made up of the Piegon islands, a popular diving destination. 2009, it was decided to create a National Park for Guadeloupe. In order to protect the wonders of the underwater fauna and flora, the Pigeon Islands were classified as the heart of the National Park. The Park now covers an area of 987 ha, forming a triangle that stretches from Bouillante to Pointe Noire and up to 4 km west of the Islands.

Today, the National Park of Guadeloupe is a must-see diving site for all divers exploring the Guadeloupe archipelago. The ecosystems here are particularly fragile, and all visitors are asked to take care not to step on the rocks or stand on the underwater rocks, so as not to trample the micro-organisms present.

The Bleu Passion Guadeloupe diving center, located in the heart of the National Park, 5 minutes by boat, offers to guide you during your dive. This program is designed for ALL divers, beginners or experienced, training or exploring.

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A dive in Guadeloupe in the Cousteau Reserve is:


  • An unforgettable memory
  • An extraordinary moment that will change your life forever
  • A half-day activity that's easy to fit into your tour schedule
  • Accessible to ALL, no need to know how to swim


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Begin to dive in the Cousteau Reserve

Making your very first dive in the Cousteau Reserve, among the tropical and multicolored fish, will be a moment engraved forever in your life. Accompanied by a professional Instructor, you'll spend at least 60 minutes discovering the environment, following a series of comfort and safety exercises. You're sure to come across turtles, tropical fishes, many-year-old barrel sponges, diodons, angelfishes, platax, lobsters. No obligations, no constraints, everything goes smoothly. An experience to share with your partner, friends or family. You don't need to know swimming, and it's accessible from the age of 10.


I would like to make my first dive in the Réseve Cousteau in Guadeloupe.

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Get certified in the Cousteau Reserve

Would you like to start training or improve your skills? Acquire new skills and become a safer diver? And do it all in a heavenly setting? Don't hesitate, book your stay and your training. The professional instructors at the Bleu Passion Guadeloupe diving center are waiting with a smile and the necessary pedagogy to train you or help you progress, while helping you discover the unique seabed of the Cousteau Reserve. At this center, quality is more important than quantity.





I would like to get a certification in the Réserve Cousteau in Guadeloupe


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Fun dives in the Cousteau Reserve

Are you already a certified diver? Haven't dived for a few years and want to get back into it? What could be more magical than diving in one of the 10 most fabulous and beautiful places in the world? Some thirty different sites await you in the National Park and beyond. The Bleu Passion Guadeloupe diving center will take you to exclusive spots where you'll be the only one diving, in a small group of around ten divers. The best part? Long dives of at least 70 to 80 minutes to take your breath away! Let yourself be transported by professional guides and the magic of the place, in water averaging 28 degrees Celsius at sites ranging from the surface to 40 meters.

I would like to fun dive in the Cousteau Reserve in Guadeloupe

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Wreck diving in the Cousteau Reserve

2 wrecks have been deliberately sunk within the National Park to serve as attractions and attract more divers, but also and above all as artificial reefs. Indeed, on these 2 sand cargo ships, the Franjack and the Gustavia, it's not unusual to come across large turtles, as well as a stingrays. All the flora and fauna of the Caribbean have also taken up residence here over the years. The two wrecks were sunk some twenty years ago and are both in excellent condition. Some fifty meters long and ten meters wide, take your time to observe these relics frozen in time with breathtaking visibility, not to mention the temperature.


I would like to dive on a wreck in the Cousteau Reserve in Guadeloupe

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